New Eurorack Design: SSSCM

The next time someone tells you math isn’t magical, introduce them to the Single Sideband-Suppressing Carrier Modulator–or SSSCM for short. Based on 20th century broadcast technology, the SSSCM uses a modulator signal to suppress one sideband of the carrier signal,…

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Breadboarded electronics

Testing a New Eurorack Design

Testing out a new single sideband suppressing carrier modulator demodulator module, with CV input. It’s like magic. Input two sounds: one carrier and one modulator. Math happens. Something gets either added or subtracted, then added to something else. Out comes…

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New Module Demos

Just added some new demos for the Thunderdome and Destructo Disc modules, further demonstrating some of the patching ideas outlined for each module. Look out next month for a series of low-effort/lo-fi reverb modules.

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