Impulse Response Libraries

Impulse responses (IRs) are the driving force behind convolution reverb, a form of digital reverb initially designed to capture the acoustic characteristics of real spaces. As computers became more powerful, and convolution reverb became more accessible, the concept of what constitutes an IR has evolved. In addition to traditionally-produced IRs, many libraries now include artificially-created impulse responses. Rather than capturing the characteristics of a real space, these “fantasy” IRs can be used to create unique reverberation effects unlike anything than can be accomplished in a physical space.

Our IRs are 24-bit 44.1KHz stereo WAV format and compatible with any plug-in that supports loading WAV files.

The Threshold Impulse Response Library

The Threshold

The Threshold is a collection of 250 artificial impulse responses designed to obliterate sound and create droning washes of ambient texture. These abstract, harsh, luscious and dark fantasy IRs will warp, wash, drone, drown and push your sounds beyond the pale.

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The Threshold II Impulse Response Library

The Threshold II

The Threshold II adds 225 more audio-demolishing artificial impulse responses for creating sonic experiences that range from harsh and metallic to lush and atmospheric. Push your sound even further beyond the pale with IRs designed to stretch and smear into oblivion, or pulse and crunch percussively.

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Unnatural Spaces Impulse Response Library

Unnatural Spaces

Unnatural Spaces is a library of 40 impulse responses captured from human-made spaces, generally consisting of small objects that you normally would not, or could not, stick your head inside. These impulse responses are designed to impart unique reverb characteristics to your audio.

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