Acoustic Arenas

“Auditory spatial awareness is a neurological reaction (conscious and unconscious) to spatial acoustics and is one information channel through which the auditory organ receives stimuli. This cognitive process transforms raw sensation into awareness by triggering an elevated state of mental and physical awareness.”

Acoustic Arenas is a found sound project by Mechlab Productions, focused on capturing the acoustic events and aural architecture that surrounds us in our modern world. Urban cacophony; natural sounds; architectural ambience; auditory snippets of life in situ: captured in stereo for your sonic explorations.

Enjoy the free Legacy Collection, captured over a six-year period from 2005 through 2011, in MP3 format below. Higher-quality WAV files are available for Acoustic Arenas patrons, along with exclusive access to new monthly recordings, starting May 2023.

Nov. 14, 2005Fetal heart monitorMP3
Apr. 01, 2006Birds with drilling noisesMP3
Apr. 01, 2006Studio Chatter Pt. 1 MP3
Apr. 01, 2006Studio Chatter Pt. 2MP3
Feb. 28, 2008Bar noiseMP3
Mar. 30, 2008Children talkingMP3
Mar. 30, 2008Clothes dryer noisesMP3
Mar. 30, 2008Preparing dinner in the kitchenMP3
Apr. 01, 2008Bar noise, Shilo InnMP3
Apr. 02, 2008Din from the floor of a call center Pt. 1MP3
Apr. 02, 2008Din from the floor of a call center Pt. 2MP3
Apr. 03, 2008A trip to the grocery storeMP3
Apr. 03, 2008Making coffee at workMP3
Apr. 06, 2008Assorted house noisesMP3
Apr. 06, 2008Clock in the living roomMP3
Apr. 09, 2008Going out to start the carMP3
Apr. 09, 2008Unloading groceries from the carMP3
Apr. 10, 2008Traffic in the parking lot of Best BuyMP3
Apr. 10, 2008Birds in Columbia ParkMP3
Apr. 10, 2008Refueling at the gas stationMP3
Apr. 10, 2008Slow moving train and trafficMP3
Apr. 14, 2008Truck in the early morning rainMP3
Apr. 17, 2008Birds and rain in the morningMP3
July 05, 2010Harbor Steps fountain [front]MP3
July 05, 2010Harbor Steps fountain [rear]MP3
July 05, 2010Metro Rt. 4 to DowntownMP3
July 05, 2010Pike Place MarketMP3
July 05, 2010Post AlleyMP3
July 05, 2010Weird Klaxon on First HillMP3
Aug. 10, 2010Brewing coffeeMP3
Aug. 10, 2010Unloading and reloading the dishwasherMP3
Aug. 10, 2010Window fanMP3
Aug. 22, 2010Erhu buskerMP3
Sept. 25, 2010Saturday Market Pt. 1MP3
Sept. 25, 2010Saturday Market Pt. 2MP3
June 08, 2011Cascade ParkMP3
June 08, 2011Emily’s tea kettleMP3
June 09, 2011Mercer St. Underpass Pt. 1MP3
June 09, 2011Mercer St. Underpass Pt. 2MP3
June 09, 2011Victor Steinbrueck ParkMP3
June 10, 2011Bus ride in the Downtown Transit TunnelMP3
June 10, 2011Cal Anderson ParkMP3
June 10, 2011Convention Place StationMP3
June 10, 2011International District StationMP3
June 10, 2011Pioneer Square StationMP3
June 10, 2011University St. StationMP3
June 10, 2011Westlake StationMP3