The Threshold II Impulse Response Library

The Threshold II Impulse Response Library

The Threshold II is a library of dark and twisted artificial impulse responses geared towards more aggressive and exotic forms of electronic music. This library is designed to at create dark textures, deep ambient backgrounds and harsh reverberations.

  • 225 impulse responses
  • 24-bit 44.1KHz stereo WAV format
  • Compatible with any convolution plug-in that supports WAV files


All demos start with a 100% dry signal that fades out as the wet signal fades in to 100%.

Bass synth sequence gets lost in a long tail of atmosphere, with the faintest glitter of ice:

Clean guitar melts into a luscious, atmospheric pad:

Lo-fi drum beat fades into a muffled, dense percussive element:

Orchestral strings morph into a deep pad with hints of FM metallic bell:

Quirky synth line disappears into a fuzz of reverse reverb:

50% of every purchase of The Threshold II is donated to Friends of Noise. Friends of Noise seeks to transform the culture of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth access to the music industry by providing youth-focused programs, teaching industry skills, developing resources, mentorship and professional development.